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My Story

Hi! :)


My name is Deniz Unlusu and I am from Turkey.


I have been taking photos since 2002. In 2014, after 12 years of experience in Turkey, I left everything behind and moved to Auckland to spend the rest of my life with the love of my life, Hande. Since 2015, I have been working in New Zealand.

When I was at high school, I was interested in 2D & 3D animations. For this reason, I went to study in Visual Communication Design at Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey. After the first semester, my family noticed that I was spending too much time in front of computer and disconnected from the world. Therefore, they bought me a camera to encourage me to socialise more.

I started photography as a hobby as the most photographers, but like most photographers, my interest and passion has grown more over time. I became a member of DeviantArt.  Meeting lots of people who are interested in photography. We travelled around Turkey taking landscape photographs. Meanwhile, I also got interested in portrait photography and started taking photos of my friends. The more photos I took, the more people got interested in my work. My friends and their friends started to ask me to take their photos on their special days, such as birthdays, engagements and weddings. I also worked on product and architectural photography for various magazines and advertisement agencies in Istanbul. However, capturing emotions of people and their emotional moments gave me more joy and excitement.

I gained my BA degree from University in 2007. Since then, photography has become a big part of my life, I have never worked in any 2D-3D animation related jobs. My hobby, photography, has become my job which I enjoy working with every day.

I love weddings and enjoy capturing the special occasion for you. Weddings are such a personal and special event for everyone. I believe that the memories attached to wedding photography make it the most important part of the day. Although good quality work is possible with professional equipment and experienced photographers, the energy between couples and feeling comfortable in front of the camera ensures the best photos. For example, you can book your catering service by testing sample food which is cooked by only one chef with the same ingredients every time. However; a photography service is not so simple. You can think that I am the best fit for you by looking at my portfolio, however, although the chefs (that's me!:) are the same, the ingredients (bride & groom) are different each time! :) I believe that this involves emotional team work. Because of that, I highly suggest having a face-to-face meeting before finalising the booking. By the end of this meeting, we will all know whether I am the perfect match for your wedding.

My aim is that you feel like I am your guest on the wedding day. You will not even notice me. I will be invisible amongst guests.

I would be delighted to be a part of your special day in this beautiful country. Capture your emotions and moments that will live forever. If you would like to meet me, send a message from “contact

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