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Frequently Asked Questions

After finishing the second season in New Zealand, I collected many different questions from our customers. In this page I answer them. I also added some sample before/after sliders. If you have more questions, please let me know! :) It can also help me to update this page in future.

- How far in advance do I need to reserve / book you?

If you're planning on booking me for a wedding service, I recommend you book as soon as you confirm your date. Mostly weddings take place at weekends and I only work with one couple per day. Once I'm booked, unfortunately I don't take another booking for the same date.

- How long after the wedding do we see the photos?

I usually deliver the photos in one week. Sometimes I am booked both Saturday and Sunday. In this case, this time can extend delivery to a fortnight.

- How many photos do you deliver?

This is totally related to the energy between you and me. I'm easy and never calculate frames during the shooting. For example an approximation would be that I deliver around 500 frames for 3 hours of work / 100 guests.

- Will the photos be retouched and colour balanced?

I always shoot at "raw" mode and all parameters on the cameras are in 0 position.

After the shooting, I delete the faulty (closed eyes etc.) photos and work on the rest of them. I prefer to deliver them not over filtered because everyone might be looking for different styles. I prefer delivering the photos in natural colours as much as I can.

In the slider below, you can see the photos that come from the camera after the digital process. You receive all the photos as in this sample.

- What types of equipment do you use?

I use Canon 5D MK4 DSLR and L series lenses. If needed, I use external paraflashes with large soft boxes in outdoor shootings. In trash the wedding dress sessions, if you would like to get some aerial shots, I can use the drone as well! :)

- What are the restrictions for sharing photos online? Do you own the copyright to the photos?

You will have full rights to share/print the photos for non-commercial use. You can not sell them under any circumstances.

- We want to book you. But we're not sure how many hours we will need your service. What should we do?

No worries! :) I can understand this situation. If your wedding date is certain this is more than enough at the first stage. I start charging from 3 hours and can calculate the additional hours at the end. For example you planned your wedding as for 9 hours but it finished within 8 hours, then I don't charge the hour that I don't work.

- Our wedding date is certain but it's next year. Can we still book you?

For sure. I mostly get booked 6 months in advance.

- Do we have to pay a deposit to secure our date?

Yes. Most weddings take place at weekends. For this reason I have limited days in one season and I need to secure the dates for you and also for myself. However, if you're planning to arrange a trash the wedding dress shooting in a weekday, there is no need to pay a deposit to secure the date. You can pay in the actual shooting date.

- Can you make my skin more beautiful?

For sure. If needed, I do detailed skin cleaning to the best 10 photos. If you need more than ten, we can negotiate a price for the total count.

- Can you make me look thinner!?

I Can try my best! :) However this is not a simple task and may not be possible for every photo. We would need to select these specific photos together. If you wish, I can do this on the ordered print photos (usually four) which come with the package you decide. If you need more than four, we can negotiate a price for the total count.

- What kind of prints do you deliver?

I deliver loose framing mat prints from Queensberry. The size is 35x28cm. Please see the samples down.

Auckland Wedding Photo Print 1
Auckland Wedding Photo Print 2
Auckland Wedding Photo Print 3

- Do you apply effects to the photos?

Personally I don't like over filtered photos and deliver them in original color. But also hate to say "no" to my customers :) If needed, I can apply some effects up to 20 selected photos.

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