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New Zealand Wedding Photos

In this page, you'll see my wedding photos which I've done in New Zealand. After moving to New Zealand from Turkey, I found that weddings are so different in here and have much more details. In Turkey I was focusing more on portraits while in New Zealand, people expect me to document whole day or whole event. This is the reason that I've separated the wedding photos I did in New Zealand! You can also view my previous wedding photography which I've done in Turkey in my portfolio -> weddings section. Hope you enjoy the photos! :)

Brittany & Josh

Brittany & Josh 21.04.2018

Tanya & Andrew

Tanya & Andrew 03.03.2018

Anna & Liam

Anna & Liam 21.01.2018

Tista & Rahul

Tista & Rahul 13.01.2018

Theresa & David

Theresa & David 27.12.2017

Nagisa & Paul

Nagisa & Paul 25.03.2017

Anna & Ryan

Anna & Ryan 11.03.2017

Zeinab & Mohammad

Zeinab & Mohammad 22.04.2017

Hadeal & Ahmad

Hadeal & Ahmad 07.01.2017

Katherine & Shane

Katherine & Shane 31.12.2016

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