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Photography Prices

Standard Wedding Photographer Price

I love the atmosphere at weddings and like to be a part of it. Yes, these prices belong to 2023-2024 summer and too good to be true. I just love making it easy for you and your budget :)

- Approx 400 to 600 digitally processed images. (based on a 6 hours wedding with 50 guests)

- 6 hours of service. (Which can cover most of the steps)

- Images come in a USB stick.

Price: $2300

If you think you'll need me for more/less than 6 hours with more/less guests, please let me know your plan. So I can tailor a price for you.


Trash The Wedding Dress!

When your wedding is over, you have two choices of what to do with the wedding dress. You can store it in a bag and hope that your daughter will want to wear it in 25 years, or you can wear it again and have some fun! :) So if the second option sounds better, let your wedding photographer know! :)

New Zealand is a great country by nature and with this option, we can incorporate this beautiful nature. Plus, you'll be flexible in regards to the date without having any wedding day stress!  We can make photos with a drone, you can get into the water or roll over on the grass!

- Approx 300 to 500 digitally processed images.

- Up to 3 hours* of shooting.

- Images come in a USB stick

Price: $1750

This option covers only the portrait shots of bride & groom. Does not cover ceremony, reception, group shots etc.

Aerial Wedding Photography

I can do aerial wedding photos for you. Since this process requires extra time and effort, I suggest to arrange it with trash the wedding dress option. Or separate extra time for this on your actual wedding day. At least 15-30 minutes.

Family / Portrait / Graduation Photography

Outdoor shooting​

- No photo limit during the photoshoot.

- Up to one hour of shooting to get 10 best shots for editing.

- Rest of the non-edited images in Jpeg format.

- Photos come with a USB stick.

Price: $250

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